Relocating to Washington State?

As an attorney looking to relocate to Seattle, or anywhere within Washington State, Legal Ease is the single best available resource to connect you with the position you seek.

Legal Ease specializes solely in attorney recruiting for law firms and corporations located in Washington State.  We are “the” go to source for top attorney talent among our region’s best legal employers of all sizes.

Founded in 1996 by our current Placement Director, Washington attorney Lynda Jonas, Legal Ease is staffed by local legal professionals.  We know your target market and have developed deep, loyal relationships with the full spectrum of attorney employers in our area.

Legal Ease is well-versed in transitioning attorneys from other states or countries to our region.   We employ a hands on approach to your relocation, connecting you to all manner of pre-screened and proven local resources to help make your move seamless!

We look forward to welcoming you home to the beautiful and vibrant Pacific Northwest.

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