Contract Attorneys

Contract attorneys are now a mainstream resource strategically and commonly utilized by the most successful law firms and corporate legal departments in Washington State.  However, not all contract attorneys are created (nor are they priced) equally.

The Hiring Spectrum: As with a permanent attorney hire, the difference between hiring the best contract attorney for your organization’s specific need and hiring one who is simply average or, worse yet not truly qualified, is night and day.  The impact of where your hire falls on the “best to worst hire” spectrum, is substantial.  It deeply affects your organization’s ultimate success.  It also impacts your own job realities as you work with and supervise your contract attorney.

Client Experiences: Too frequently we hear stories from our clients about the occasions when they hired a contract attorney before contacting Legal Ease. Often, they hired the contract attorney from among responders to an ad. Alternatively, they hired a friend of a friend. Frequently, the hired contract attorney did not have directly on point experience or his/her experience level was too high or too low for the work required. Equally common, the contract attorney was just not the right “fit” for the particular law firm or corporate legal department. In addition, the contract attorney often charged an excessive hourly rate.

A No Lose Prospect: Legal Ease has worked daily since 1996 to identify the full spectrum of contract attorney talent available to the Washington State legal community.  We categorize and pre-screen this talent within both skill set and “fit” parameters.  As a result, at any given moment, you have access to a “pool” of between 1,500 and 2,000 experienced local contract attorneys.

This “pool” is the group we start with when we receive your contract attorney search request.  From there, we narrow your prospects down to the top five to ten best suited contract attorneys for your unique need and circumstances.  Most often, we are able to provide the contract attorney you ultimately select at a rate equal to their standard direct billing rate.

Average rates for experienced, niche area contract attorneys (including our service fees) are $50.00 – $80.00 per hour.

Please contact our Placement Director, Lynda Jonas, Esq. at to frankly discuss whether Legal Ease and/or contract attorneys make sense for your organization.

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